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Arabidopsis genomes

Arabidopsis thaliana [TAIR8]
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Parallel display of TAIR8 and MIPS annotations, and all other features such as inserts stocked at NASC, Affymetrix probes and other alignment data
Arabidopsis thaliana [MIPS]
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MIPS assembly and annotation with no other features

About Arabidopsis Ensembl

Arabidopsis Ensembl is a genome browser for the commonly studied plant model organism Arabidopsis thaliana. It is curated by NASC, the European Arabidopsis stock centre, which also holds the worldwide collection of Arabidopsis lines. Click on either the TAIR or the MIPS assembly above to get started.

About Ensembl

Ensembl is a joint project between EMBL - EBI and the Sanger Institute to develop a software system which produces and maintains automatic annotation on selected eukaryotic genomes. Ensembl is primarily funded by the Wellcome Trust.

This site provides free access to all the data and software from the Ensembl project. Click on a species name to browse the data.

Access to all the data produced by the project, and to the software used to analyse and present it, is provided free and without constraints. Some data and software may be subject to third-party constraints.

What's New in AtEnsembl 49

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