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NASC Stock Detail Page

NASC ID: N76651

Name: Ale-Stenar-41-1

ABRC stock number: CS76651

Description: Natural accession donated by the J. Bergelson laboratory at the University of Chicago - USA as part of the 1001 Genomes Project. More detailed information can be found at http://1001genomes.org. Bulk seed were collected from offspring of a single sequenced plant.

Donation Date: 2012-11-15

Donated by:  University of Chicago Joy Bergelson

Donor Number: 991

Part of : 1001 Genomes Project

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Comment: Note that flowering time and some phenotypic traits may vary with growing conditions. Plants were grown at ABRC in the Winter season of 2013; greenhouse photoperiod was 16H light/8H dark.-1001 Genomes Project-991

Status Price (£)
Available £10.00

Germplasm Info

Genus: Arabidopsis     Species: thaliana

Seed type: Ecotype

Background: Ale-Stenar-41-1

Segregation status: unknown

Growth requirement: Seven weeks of vernalization (4C) at rosette stage is recommended to promote earlier flowering.


Medium to large rosette with numerous leaves; narrow pointy appearance of leaves; somewhat epinastic leaves; leaf margins slightly serrated; dark green plants; observed flowering time was greater than 55 days after planting; numerous axillary inflorescences; average height= 45 cm.

Ecotype data

Location: Ales Stenar

Country: SWEDEN

Latitude Min: 55.3833

Latitude Max: 55.3833

Longitude Min: 14.05

Longitude Max: 14.05