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NASC ID: N76356

Name: Castelfed-4

Description: Natural accession resequenced using the Illumina GA platform by the D. Weigel laboratory at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology - Germany as part of the 1001 Genomes Project; single plant propagation from the sequenced plant.

Donation Date: 2010-01-29

Donated by:  Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology Detlef Weigel

Donor Number: 9975

Part of : 1001 Genomes Project

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Comment: ecotype full name: Castel Feder

Status Price (£)
Available £7.50

Germplasm Info

Genus: Arabidopsis     Species: thaliana

Seed type: Ecotype

Background: Castelfed-4-213

Growth requirement: at least three to six days of cold treatment after planting is suggested for optimal germination.


Medium to large rosette with numerous leaves; leaf margins slightly serrated; dark green plants; flowering time greater than 55 days after planting; numerous cauline leaves; numerous axillary and lateral inflorescences; average height = 40 cm.

Ecotype data

Location: Castel Feder

Habitat: maessig

Country: ITALY

Latitude Min: 46.3378

Latitude Max: 46.3378

Longitude Min: 11.2928

Longitude Max: 11.2928